The man in black


Drama Rated R

" anguished Catholic drama, yet McDonagh also brings a certain lightness to the tale."
Motley crew

Guardians of the Galaxy

Action/Adventure Rated PG-13

" stuffed with pop-culture references that if you removed them the entire movie would likely collapse."
This boy’s life


Drama Rated R

"...chronicles the colossal significance of the everyday."
Feet in the clouds

Mood Indigo

Drama Rated NR

"...uses handcrafted effects to heighten life’s biggest moments."
Et tu, Koba?

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Action/Adventure Rated PG-13

" enthralling portrait - at once intimate and epic - of two civilizations on the brink."


Comedy Rated R

“Tammy, like McCarthy’s other films, wants its lessons to be real, and learned.”

Transformers: Age of Extinction

Action/Adventure Rated PG-13

“Say what you will about these movies, but in audio terms they’re things of beauty.”


Action/Adventure Rated R

“I’m not sure where the line is between a good gonzo movie and a creative mess, but I know that Snowpiercer is on the right side of it.”

The Rover

Drama Rated R

“…a primal scream over justice denied and civilization lost.”

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Family Rated PG

“Here and there, it’s as if the mythology of Tolkien has been filtered through the imagery of Miyazaki.”

Edge of Tomorrow

Action/Adventure Rated PG-13

“…represents the deconstruction – and then the hurried, harried reconstruction – of Tom Cruise.”

The Immigrant

Drama Rated R

“…the old-timey aesthetic here is so overwrought the characters seem stuck in prehistoric amber.”


Family Rated PG

“…still functions as a potent moral tale, this time with a particular awareness of patriarchal oppression.”

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Action/Adventure Rated PG-13

“There’s no personality to these movies, other than what the overqualified actors manage to squeeze out of their individual scenes.”


Action/Adventure Rated PG-13

“Godzilla manages to give the beast the mythic mystique it deserves.”