Princess charming


Family Rated PG

"... tweaks the more objectionable details of conventional fairy tales while still retaining their traditionalist structure. It’s a nice compromise."
Man with a scam


Comedy Rated NR

" of those laser-sharp character portraits with such an incisive bead on its central figure that you sit, transfixed, by his every move."
Officer down


Action/Adventure Rated R

"...most of the tonal choices made to flesh this out are disastrous."

Maps to the Stars

Drama Rated R

“Not a Hollywood spoof or satire, but an evisceration.”

What We Do in the Shadows

Comedy Rated NR

“…mixes the documentary format with fantasy elements to create some fantastically funny stuff.”

Fifty Shades of Grey

Drama Rated R

“…a lukewarm exercise in timidity that – if not exactly embarrassed by its subject matter – is extremely wary of diving too deeply into it.”

Jupiter Ascending

Action/Adventure Rated PG-13

“…concludes in a gigantic fireball of insignificance.”


Action/Adventure Rated R

“…manages an idiosyncratic pulse for a cyber-thriller, and that’s due largely to Mann.”

American Sniper

Drama Rated R

“…a sturdy study of masculinity, from an icon of the topic.”


Drama Rated R

“…founded on a communal sense of historical accomplishment.”

Inherent Vice

Comedy Rated R

“…a witty, bleak and affectionate riff on the gumshoe genre.”

The Theory of Everything

Drama Rated PG-13

“…the noble patient, served up with heavy doses of tea and sympathy.”