Crowd control

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

Action/Adventure Rated PG-13

"The equivalent of watching a game of Risk, with all the emotional involvement such an activity would hold."
Hebrews in the hands of an angry God

Exodus: Gods and Kings

Action/Adventure Rated PG-13

"...both a drag and a hoot (and unfortunately more of the former than the latter)."
Private eye

Inherent Vice

Comedy Rated R

"...a witty, bleak and affectionate riff on the gumshoe genre."
Strokes of genius

The Tale of the Princess Kaguya

Family Rated PG

"...a film seemingly built on nothing more than slight sketches and quick brushstrokes."
A rebel with a pause

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part I

Action/Adventure Rated PG-13

"With Mockingjay – Part I, the series becomes a clever commentary on the genre it helped cement."

Top Five

Romantic Comedy Rated R

“Who knew DMX could do a one-man version of Sullivan’s Travels?”

The Babadook

Horror Rated NR

“…about the dark side that any bone-weary parent can sometimes feel creeping up within.”


Drama Rated R

“Carell’s performance is exaggerated, pronounced and so prominent that it obstructs other features.”

The Theory of Everything

Drama Rated PG-13

“…the noble patient, served up with heavy doses of tea and sympathy.”

Big Hero 6

Family Rated PG

“…awfully weaponized for a movie that’s ostensibly about mercy and caregiving.”


Action/Adventure Rated PG-13

“What many had hoped would be Christopher Nolan’s 2001: A Space Odyssey is, instead, 2014: An Exposition Odyssey.”


Thriller Rated R

“Jake Gyllenhaal haunts Nightcrawler like a ghost who’s seen a ghost…”


Drama Rated R

“With a glint in his eye and a ‘caw!’ on his lips, Michael Keaton takes the unexpected opportunity that is Birdman and soars with it.”


Drama Rated R

“…a consideration of the potential, value and cost of perfection.”

Gone Girl

Thriller Rated R

“A viper’s nest of unreliable narrators.”