Jazz hands


Drama Rated R

"...a consideration of the potential, value and cost of perfection."
Future so bright...

Listen Up Philip

Comedy Rated NR

"Perry ... draws out one of Schwartzman’s most human performances."

Winter Sleep

Drama Rated NR

"...a series of lengthy, revealing conversations, during which firelight flickers among the cave-like walls casting accusatory shadows across faces."
He said/she’s dead?

Gone Girl

Thriller Rated R

"A viper’s nest of unreliable narrators."
I am the walrus?


Horror Rated R

"...may have germinated as a goofy conversation on his podcast, but Smith follows it all the way through to its bloody, bewildering end."

The Skeleton Twins

Drama Rated R

“When a film piles on this many problems for its characters, it’s often because it doesn’t really believe in any of them.”

Starred Up

Drama Rated NR

“…captures the madness of a societal menace without ever losing sight of his humanity.”

The Zero Theorem

Comedy Rated R

“…wonders if we’re headed toward a world in which efficiency is valued above all else – at the expense of relationships, art, even meaning.”

The One I Love

Drama Rated R

“…the more ‘inventive’ the movie gets, the less interesting it becomes.”

The Congress

Drama Rated NR

“…flirts with greatness, even if it doesn’t quite attain it.”

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Action/Adventure Rated R

“The noir fatalism seems secondary to the imagery, whereas in Sin City the imagery served the ideas.”


Drama Rated R

“In the subgenre of movies that capture (or at least artfully dramatize) the birth of beautiful music, Frank is a stunner.”


Drama Rated R

“…an anguished Catholic drama, yet McDonagh also brings a certain lightness to the tale.”

Guardians of the Galaxy

Action/Adventure Rated PG-13

“…so stuffed with pop-culture references that if you removed them the entire movie would likely collapse.”


Drama Rated R

“…chronicles the colossal significance of the everyday.”