Drama Rated R

"...pulses with humor, tawdriness and a strange, persistent beauty."
If the suit doesn’t fit…


Action/Adventure Rated PG-13

"...fails to have enough fun with its one unique element: the sense of scale."
When Apatow met Amy...


Comedy Rated R

"...Schumer enlivens the Apatow formula without sacrificing her particular brand of confessional comedy."
Silent threat

The Tribe

Drama Rated NR

"...a deeply immersive experience, one that made me feel like a sense-deprived stranger in an unfamiliar world."
Leader of the pack

White God

Drama Rated R

"...cheekily comments on how we often hide behind civilized culture to mask our basest natures."


Comedy Rated R

“Dope may know what identities it wants to subvert, but it’s not quite sure what identity it wants to have.”

Inside Out

Family Rated PG

“If growing up partly means learning to live with sadness, Inside Out depicts this truth with all the ingenuity and wit of Pixar’s best efforts.”

Jurassic World

Action/Adventure Rated PG-13

“…the mercenary natures of the picture and the park are largely indistinguishable.”


Comedy Rated R

“Melissa McCarthy finally gets a decent star vehicle.”

Mad Max: Fury Road

Action/Adventure Rated R

“…a tale of milk and blood.”

Slow West

Drama Rated R

“…a familiar yarn told in a somewhat unfamiliar drawl.”

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Action/Adventure Rated PG-13

“…mostly registers as yet another Marvel punchplosion.”

It Follows

Horror Rated R

“In It Follows, sexual activity has metaphysical implications.”

Ex Machina

Thriller Rated R

“Merciless, efficient and terrifyingly logical…”

Furious 7

Action/Adventure Rated PG-13

“The ending of Furious 7 is downright touching…”