Hail, cinema!

Hail, Caesar!

Comedy Rated PG-13

"...a meta comedy that wants to deflate the pretensions of Hollywood even as it’s giving the movies themselves a giant hug."
Wages of fear

Son of Saul

Drama Rated R

"...zeroes in on humanity in the singular."
Last dance?

45 Years

Drama Rated R

"...a quiet punch to the gut, a reminder that tranquil domesticity should never be taken for granted."
Haters gonna hate

The Hateful Eight

Drama Rated R

"...at worst it’s an argument for auteurist vigilantism as moral high ground."
Top Ten 2015

Top Ten Films of 2015

Rated NR

10 films, 10 sentences.


Drama Rated R

“…holds you in a vice for much of its running time, and how could it not?”


Comedy Rated R

“…a testament to boundless creativity and endlessly fascinating humanity.”


Drama Rated R

“…understands that even the slightest of gestures can crush.”

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Action/Adventure Rated PG-13

“…baldly trades on its predecessors, but with enough artfulness and genuine affection to count as its own unique experience.”


Comedy Rated PG-13

“…has exactly one Lawrence-worthy moment.”

The Big Short

Comedy Rated R

“I wish I could say that McKay stuck the landing on this artistic leap.”


Comedy Rated R

“…the return of the artist who gave us School Daze, She’s Gotta Have It, Bamboozled and Do the Right Thing.”

The Revenant

Action/Adventure Rated R

“This may be frontier America, but it feels older, primordial — like a place humans aren’t yet meant to be.”


Drama Rated R

“…defined by Keaton’s blah button-down shirts and McAdams’ grown-out roots.”

Bridge of Spies

Drama Rated PG-13

“…mostly effective because of what it keeps in check.”